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Zoom takes charge

Last year, a colleague requested a ZOOM phone call. I stumbled, couldn't get it to work., and it never happened. Epic fail. So now, who would have thought even five months ago, that its video counterpart would take center stage? I've learned a lot about this video platform and am sure there's more to come.

Here are a few things the journey has taught me:

  1. Join the meeting early to work out the bugs.

  2. Make your lighting complimentary for your image.

  3. Play around with the mute button.

  4. Find your camera setting and use it.

  5. Create an engaging, not overpowering, virtual background.

  6. Place your business logo in a prominent spot behind you.

  7. Use that silent chat button to respond.

  8. Update your ZOOM settings on their website.

  9. Use ZOOM to connect.

  10. Be at ease.

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