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Oh wait, one more webinar

Who doesn't need to learn something new? Refresh what you know? Adapt to change?

Within the past three weeks, I have participated in 18 webinars. So many opportunities to widen my horizons. Pace them out to avoid information overload and fatigue!

How about you? Have you leaped into fascinating modules that promised to deliver the latest data, strategies, terminologies, and tricks of the trade? Please share what you've done and learned!

Tidbits I gathered and reaffirmed:

  1. AIDA - attention, interest, desire, action.

  2. Start (or join) a Facebook Group to connect, learn, share.

  3. Use social media to connect, draw, keep, grow.

  4. Write precisely & creatively to attract flippers, scanners, skimmers, readers.

  5. Don't ever ignore analytics, dashboards, CTR's and more.

Gotta go! Today's webinar awaits.

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