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Dare to be recognized

3 - I recently was most fortunate to receive an award from the National Federation of Press Women in the national communications contest. It was for my personality profile story on Marilu Henner published in Air Chicago Magazine. Entering communications and marketing contests always seemed out of reach for me and, quite frankly, a little egotistical. But they're not!

They are invaluable for businesses to dig deep into their services and strategically describe the specifics, challenges, and successes of a project, a marketing campaign, or a a body of work. Whether a business receives recognition or not, what is most appreciated are the independent judges comments. They're looking and reading the entry from a whole different lens and offer precise feedback so you can take heed and become better at what you do.

I've been fortunate to write many "winning" contest entries for businesses in a wide variety of industries,

from airport marketing campaigns, landscape management and snow plow projects to communication and leadership award contests. A well-written, concise, edited, and upbeat entry with photos and slide presentation attachments are the key to success.

Next time you get that industry contest, go for it. If you need a professional - we can help!

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