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The Time for Renewal is Now

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

1 — When I was president of the Suburban Chicagoland Public Relations Society of America organization in 2005, I continually repeated my mantra — Renew. Refresh. Restore.

Well, it’s back. There’s energy and excitement in the air at PR Strategies & Communications. It’s time to pursue the “3 - R’s” right now. Let’s bring it on with energy, excitement and, above all, “REPEAT all 3" as necessary and often!

I’m pleased to post this first blog message on our newly launched website - - and extend appreciation to our loyal clients for the amazing 32 years we have been in business.

Through this blog and conversation with you, I look forward to regularly telling stories, sharing memories, and promoting the latest business and community news.

It’s been our greatest joy to tell your stories and promote your business. We pledge to:

• Renew commitment for continued ethical and confidential standards at all times.

• Refresh industry knowledge to benefit clients’ advertising and publicity needs.

• Restore clients’ passion, enthusiasm and confidence in the value of media.

PR Strategies & Communications offers many opportunities to assist your business for RENEWAL —  how to advertise and promote, how to adjust in this technological world,

and how we can partner to help you achieve even greater success.

No matter what type of business or nonprofit you lead, I am confident this new spring season of renewal will bring you success! The polar vortex is gone. The vortex to opportunity is ahead.

Let us help you find your business story to spread the word. Don’t be anonymous. Get ready to be in the spotlight. We can make it happen!

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